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I wonder if @purism has RISC V on their radar. Given that the upcoming Beagle V almost beats the specs of the I now ordered almost 2 years ago (definitely does in the RAM department). Let's see which one I'll be playing with first ;-) A riscv based phone would be a dream...

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🇬🇧 EU governments want to be able to intercept encrypted communications. That would be the end of secure #encryption altogether and would open backdoors also for hackers, foreign intelligence etc. Stop this attack on our digital security! files.orf.at/vietnam2/files/fm

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Announcing the SourceHut project hub 🎉


I don't usually explicitly ask for shares, but this is a big deal for SourceHut - the project hub solves one of our major goals for the alpha. Please help spread the word ❤️

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A time laps view out of the window during a day of corona induce home office.

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if u divide flatbread by zero that generates a signalling NaaN

There's a shipping estimate 😍.
It's Evergreen 😐. That's March/April 😶. My preference was C,D,B.
Upside: molded case 😄, more time for software to become more phone friendly.

@purism: v2 wish list: RISC-V CPU! (But srsly, if there's ever a risc-v version, consider it pre-ordered 😉)

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