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@GambaJo wieso? Das ist doch eindeutig ein Bug, das hätt ja nie wer bemerken sollen...

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»Dieses nukleare Grab im Pazifik droht gerade auszulaufen – Klimawandel und USA sei Dank | Luzerner Zeitung«

»Das Atom-Grab enthält übrigens nicht nur kontaminierten Boden aus den pazifischen Testgebieten, sondern auch 130 Tonnen Erde, die extra aus einem Atomtestgelände in der Wüste Nevadas eingeschifft wurde.«

@anycode thanks for following me, this is quite a new instance so I'm still trying to get things started! :blobhappy:

@Algot thanks for following me back! I've never rally engaged in social media before so I'm still learning on how to interact. :blobhappy:

I'm still struggling on getting my instance started and federated properly. I'm looking forward to great topics and discussions!

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Do you use a password manager?

Please boost for more reach. #India #security

So would spawn a New Mastodon instance, nice.

@Username_Here_ASAP I namend my instance after Terry Pratchetts discworld novels!

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@noelle couldn't this this type of block be a little bit over boarding? Eventually a bad actor could create a spammy instance on a shared hosting with only limited IP addresses.. Don't know of this configurations are around in the wild thou ...

@noelle great! I'll do that! Good to know that I jus have to make the ban. Today I manually removed all the domain followers from the database, not the most elegant solution I guess ;-)

@noelle thanks for the explanation, I set up a new instance 3 days ago and already got hit by this... Anyone got a hint for a newbie on how to mass delete those "followers" ?

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