@mavica I have good experience with okular from @kde this works quite well for most PDF forms.

@pixelfed can this somehow be linked to piwigo vor something similar? it would be interessting to have a curated gallery with the option to directly generate pixelfed posts from it...

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Konnte über #teamdatenschutz noch den Bildungsaccount einer Uni testen. Sowohl bei direkter Konferenzeinladung per Link als auch Registrierung als Gast gingen die oben beschriebenen Verbindungen an Adobe und Google Ads raus 😕

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@joacim @hund while I enjoy running some things by myself like this mastodon here. I have the strong feeling that more important services like a blog or anything that requires good backup maintanace and so on, should be run by someone who actually knows how to do it. For me it's a hobby not a job, but some things shoud just work...

@hund I fully und understand this. I would also expect that when using a hosted solution, the operation and keeping it running is in fact someone elses problem ;-)

@hund that's unfortunate.. I've got my private VMs with netcup..

@kuketzblog Tja, mein Arbeitgeber schreibt auch M$ Teams vor...

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@vancha Is this really a thing? I've seen really a lot of businesses small and big over the last years and no business ever had gsuite... Don't get me wrong, office365 is definitely no better. The sad thing is that those proprietary systems are way to common.

@kde why would anyone, especially people using KDE, want to use gmail ???

@brown121407 good luck.. I tried and failed. now I have to work with Windows and M$ Teams, and outlook.. That's the worst of all..

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Rare photo of mother wrench feeding her hatchlings in the wild. Breathtaking

@GambaJo sieht toll aus! mit welcher Kamera ist das fotografiert?

@leah genau das gleiche hab ich gestern auch gedacht, ich finde aber leider beim besten Willen keine Rechtfertigung für mich so ein Ding jetzt zu kaufen :-(

@gamingonlinux maybe we should start calling that company "Big Blue Hat"

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