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Excited to get the new #Darktable 3.8!

Also, proud to sponsor its principal developer Aurélien has really rejuvenated the project and has made (and continues making) it into a top-notch software.

@darktable did it already more than a year ago! It's a shame that only a few people are supporting him.

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@joeo Ahh OK, I didn't know that, in Europe the Google business products are quite rare

@nextcloud Is Google Drive still something people use? Personally, I have never seen anybody use it, even companies, both small / medium-sized and enterprise, they either have Microsoft or Nextcloud... So, post more articles against Microsoft :-D

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RT @maxschrems
Today, @noybeu's 3rd #AdventReading concerns Facebook's Record of Processing Activities (#ROPA).

The central #GDPR compliance document has only 4 (!!) pages. We discuss it with @peterhense.

@DPCIreland is aware since 2018 - and did nothing.

More here:

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🎄Tis the season to share allegedly confidential documents with you 🎄
Our first #AdventReading is online on and deals with Facebook's efforts to threaten the Austrian DPA in refusing us the right to be heard
Watch the full version:

@noybeu @maxschrems let's hope the WKStA is not too occupied at the moment... Oh well... :-/

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RT @maxschrems
We unfortunately had to file a #criminal report with the Corruption Prosecutor (WKStA), following @DPCIreland's "procedural blackmail" - demanding @noybeu to sign an "NDA" (in DPC's and Facebook's favor) in exchange for our procedural rights.. 😑


Impfung, Lockdown, Corona, Fluchend 

@leah sorry, anscheinend hatte mein Server deinen ersten Toot nicht synchronisiert - redundante Informationen hab ich wieder gelöscht

Ich hoffe, dass diese Entwicklungen in ganz Europa die Diskussion wieder intensivieren wird.

@kuketzblog F12 -> element der Seite auswählen -> delete drücken. Funktioniert meisten ganz gut wenn was durch ublock origin durch kommt.

Am besten danach noch in den cookie store schauen und wenn marketing cookies da sind Screenshot machen und Beschwerde schicken ;-)

@mike @ThermiteBeGiants please select all places where a human might hide during an AI insurgence.

@emacsen habe you looked at the @tuxedocomputers laptops? They are quite good with neat support.

@hund @jonarvid there are this wasps that lay their eggs within other creatures and the hatching larvae eat the creature alive from the inside. I like to think those wasps really love their hosts. Just as Microsoft loves FLOSS :-D

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Internet is a place where:

People sharing corporation's "property" is compared to attacking ships (piracy)

Corporations sharing between them user's data is "respecting their privacy" and "improving their services"


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📢 Breaking: Irish DPC issues €225 million fine against WhatsApp. Here is our first reaction:

@alienghic I think it is harder if you want your mails to be received by people using privacy invading over zealously blocking services like google or microsoft..

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