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@Algot I like this format, it really makes participation very easy and I think it is inviting wit a low barrier :-)

@GambaJo das sind sicher Unmengen, weil alle die 7ber Rechtsextremismus reden und das nicht als das "normale" wahrnehmen sind ja bekanntlich linksextrem

@cwebber interessting that they don't have a "what to do after getting arrested for blackmailing" on their flowchart...

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"First Ever Eco-Certified Computer Program: #KDE's Popular PDF-Reader #Okular"

The multi-platform universal document viewer now officially recognized for #sustainable software design.

#Ecolabel awarded for #transparency in #energy use, extending operating lives of devices, and enabling user #autonomy.

1st and only eco-certfied #software within 30 organizations of Global Ecolabelling Network!

Read more here:

#GermanEnvAgency #BMUV #BlauerEngel #BlueAngel

@ajft @mike $Firstname is at least honest. :-) they tell you exactly that you are just a database entry

@gamingonlinux I guess you wanted to say: Use Google News? Get rid of it and use something else.

@dada @noybeu

Especially as we don't need link shortening on the fediverse...

@ComputerBase das heißt jetzt vermutlich "Teams" oder "Surviving Azure"

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Excited to get the new #Darktable 3.8!

Also, proud to sponsor its principal developer Aurélien has really rejuvenated the project and has made (and continues making) it into a top-notch software.

@darktable did it already more than a year ago! It's a shame that only a few people are supporting him.

@joeo Ahh OK, I didn't know that, in Europe the Google business products are quite rare

@nextcloud Is Google Drive still something people use? Personally, I have never seen anybody use it, even companies, both small / medium-sized and enterprise, they either have Microsoft or Nextcloud... So, post more articles against Microsoft :-D

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RT @maxschrems
Today, @noybeu's 3rd #AdventReading concerns Facebook's Record of Processing Activities (#ROPA).

The central #GDPR compliance document has only 4 (!!) pages. We discuss it with @peterhense.

@DPCIreland is aware since 2018 - and did nothing.

More here:

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🎄Tis the season to share allegedly confidential documents with you 🎄
Our first #AdventReading is online on and deals with Facebook's efforts to threaten the Austrian DPA in refusing us the right to be heard
Watch the full version:

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