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Bei wurde heute gut erklärt, warum die #Datenschutzkonferenz feststellte, dass #Microsoft365 (inkl. MS Teams) in der EU nicht legal genutzt werden kann.

Zum Nachhören im Podcast (ab 1h18m24s):

Fazit: #Datenschutz ist Menschenschutz. #MSOffice

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Jeffrey Paul: The Case Against Microsoft and GitHub

(usual disclaimer that I represent an interest in the same domain as github)

@sir I've emptied my github account on the day they were bought by Microsoft. Never regretted that decision.

@kuketzblog Ah ja, das ist natürlich ein gewaltiger Unterschied..

Anders formuliert: Wenn sich genügend Leute beim Salzamt beschweren, dann ... fühlt sich immer noch niemand zuständig...

@kuketzblog kann man da keine Anzeige machen? Wenn das genug Leute anzeigen, vielleicht tun die Datemschutzbehörden ja mal etwas 😕

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@sir @ashwinvis perversly high CEO wages are always a good sign if you fire people from a non-profit because the buget is tight... With this money they could have kept a couple of very good people in the payroll. And I simply refuse to beleve that any single executive anywhere is worth those absurd sums.

@mike in weak moments this happens to all of us...

@gamingonlinux I always thought the real PAX online experience is something you can only ever have on the ikea website...

@thomaswilburn honestly I don't think language is an issue, their English page is and their support team speaks English quite well. The only weird thing they have is, that if you open an account their they call you first by phone, guess this gets rid of spammers. What I like is that they are a small shop and quite cheap for their offerings. But you can get similar prices and service with OVH (no renewable energy) or Hetzner(runs solely on renewable energy)

@thomaswilburn have you looked at I've got my vps there and it is quite reliable and cheap with good performance. They even tick the renewable energy box :-)

@cwebber OK, I was a little bit worried when I saw this post.. Yggdrasil is also the name of a very big online gambling company...

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Wer in Schulen an Schüler Apple iPads verteilen, Microsoft Produkte als "Lerngrundlage". Google als Cloud und Facebooks Whatsapp anbieten will, der sollte auch den Religions- und Ethikunterricht von Scientologen gestalten lassen.

@sir well written. In Addition I think is is really maddening how many developers and their managers think that git and github are identical... or that Micro$oft acquiered git..

@bjoern @stardenver
Spannend wäre das auch für Bilddateien, EXIF information wird ja teilweise recht häufig geändert, wenn ich in einem großen Album überall ein Stichwort hinzufüge synchronisiert der schon mal 5-10GB neu dafür...

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@thecyberbomb that's sadly the difficult part. I'm still trying to figure out how to do that :-)

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