@nextcloud hello, quick question as I can't find any current information in this topic.

Is is still not possible to use collabora CODE with an encrypted Nextcloud instance?

@jmizzle207 the main feature for me is the automatic duplicate detection and face detrction and (very new) face tagging. I also use the keywords feature heavily and the possibikity to group files (e.g. raw with jpg, vor for timelaps shots)

@jmizzle207 digikam is the clear winner for me. Especialy with the 7.0 update :-D

@kiri @gamingonlinux I aktually think gaming with proton/wine is also just Windows gaming... You by Windows software so that's what you are using.

@Hukadan @nextcloud @techcrunch what we need next is strict enforcement and fines for offenders lile Oath...

@starwall lake baikal is really great, I've only visited in summer once, but this was an amazing experience. Although due to temerature it's not that great for swimming :-)

@d599f84e @nitrokey @marco @datenschutzratgeber @pharham @PublicNuisance @kirschwipfel @mray

In the end it's about advertising and I don't see anything wrong with doing it where potential customers are. The only thing to criticise here is: this here is simply the wrong audience for a post about proprietary, facebook owned walled garden sales channels :blobwink:

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Wie Google kritische Berichte über ihr Geschäftsmodell, Daten der Nutzer auszuspähen, verhindern will
Eine Antwort auf einen fragwürdigen Versuch

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digiKam developers, creators of KDE's professional photo management application, release version 7.0.0. Includes a new neural network-based system for face recognition, support for more RAW formats, support for HEIF images, and much, much more 📸.


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BREAKING: The EU's Court of Justice has just invalidated the "Privacy Shield" data sharing system between the EU and the US, because of overreaching US surveillance. All details available here: noyb.eu/cjeu
#PRISM #FISA702 #Privacy #PrivacyShield #SCCs #GDPR #CJEU

🐦🔗: twitter.com/maxschrems/status/

'CJEU invalidates “Privacy Shield” in US Surveillance case. SCCs cannot be used by Facebook and similar companies. ' Finally 😃


@matrix one idea for your decentralised communications... Post here first and then retoot to birdsite referencing the fediverse not the other way around...

@cwebber @grainloom @mlemweb when I listened to the podcast, my first impulse was to ask where you gut that great tune from... I realy like it and I think it's a perfect match for the podcast vor at least the first wpisode. :-)

@mlemweb @cwebber @fossandcrafts
I just checked out your podcast, nice :-) ! One remark, on your page, the link in the footer is broken, the " Powered by Haunt."

@judeswae @kirschner fair point, but why then are they using a proprietary closed source server component that only they control? I guess we just have to trust them...

@Capheind There is one drawback, when you first create an account with them they call you by phone to verify your identity before you get your server...

@Capheind I'm using the smallest of netcups virtual root servers (netcup.eu/vserver/) they have dedicated cores and ram, but they seem to have upgraded their machines significantly from my version so they are a little bit more expensive now (more ram and storage and newer cpu). I also have good experience with their CPS offerings. I guess the VPS 1000 G9 is also a good choice, (less then 6€ per month).

@Capheind mine is 7,50€ per month, but I use the server for other stuff as well... so for a micro instance any server would do (I have 2 cores and 4GB RAM)

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